Hazrat Maulana Jalaal ud deen Ruumi
(Rahmatul Laahi ‘Alaieh)

5th of Jamaadi Ul Ukhraa-Urs Shareef

Hazrat respectfully as Maulana ("our Master"), is a thirteenth-century Persian Soofie Saint Auliyaa Allaah, jurist, theologian, poet and one of the greatest spiritual masters of Islaam. He was known as Ruumi because he spent most of his life in the region known by Muslims as "Ruum," the Anatolian peninsula most of which had been conquered by the Seljuq Turks after centuries of rule by the Roman Empire.

The term مولوی  Maulana -Mawlawī/Mowlavi (Persian) and Mevlevi (Turkish), also of Arabic origin, meaning "my master", is also frequently used for him

He is acknowledged as the father of one of Islaam’s major Soofie orders, the Mevlevi order although its actual inception came about through his disciples.

Central topic of Maulanas teachings is the Love, which he understood as the main power of the universe. Because of [Allaah Almighty] God´s love the universe exists at all, human beings must learn to love God, so they will learn to love everything what is [Allaah] God´s creation, thus as human beings, nature and all things.

For the lovers of God is God alone the source of sorrow and joy.

It is the wages of their work and to be really rich.

(From the Masnavi Shareef)

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