English: A stormy sunset at the Brockman 4 min...
English: A stormy sunset at the Brockman 4 mine camp in the Pilbara region of Western Australia. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)
Stormy Drama an Artist view !

I love Storms...!!! no not the Toofani one,which brings disaster but the nice calm beautiful ones, which  produces the most gorgeous sunset and sunrises.

This video is about a rainy day .. at sunset.....while we were entertaining our friends,

There was some commotion heard outside...strong wind noise,rustling of the leaves and looming dark dark clouds passing by.At first we did not pay attention ...too busy enjoying dinner inside.

Then suddenly I heard the noise..the strong wind had knocked over the chair outside in my tiny balcony!!!

It seem it was calling for attention! storm showing tantrums in my expression!!!

I grabbed my camera...and went outside.On one side was the most gorgeous midnight blue color calling my artistic attention...and other side was a most stunning golden glow of setting sunset.

I frantically pressed the record button ...moving my camera back and forth trying to capture both end of the evening drama!!!

It was slightly drizzling ...and I was torn between two love sight...!!

The video seem amateurish and funny!!! but interesting for those who would like to see things from an Artist perspective.!!!

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