The word Dome or Gunbad, is an important decorative structure in Islamic buildings.The word 'Gunbad' is derived from Persian language  meaning "Dome", "Cupola."
In pre-Islamic times, the Gunbad was a sign of imperial grandeur for the king. In Islamic times, the tradition continued, and the interiors were made to simulate the celestial dome, reminding the Muslim of Man's place in the cosmos.

The Ottomans mastered the technique of building vast inner spaces confined by seemingly weightless yet massive domes, achieving perfect harmony between inner and outer spaces, as well as light and shadow. Islamic religious architecture which until then consisted of simple buildings with extensive decorations was transformed by the Ottomans through a dynamic architectural vocabulary of vaults, domes, semi domes and columns. The mosque was transformed into a sanctuary of esthetic and technical balance, refined elegance and a hint of heavenly transcendence.  

A Gunbad is often double layered, and can have many shapes, such as semi-spherical, partial spherical, onion shaped, paraboloid, polygonal conical, circular or conical.
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