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My dear nephew..[bahut door ka- but not dil say] distant relative-
requested a Painting to take to his coming up trip to Golden City of California as a gift to his dear wife relative.... who love the color gold.The request was for gold  for she loves Gold!!!

So I decided to do something in gold and dull brown -for it complement each other ... No Nakra's and no Drama...
Getting my palette ready ....for a touch of Gold!!!
Still getting ready...
Close up!

Still working after....Namaz break...and thinking wonderful-daily dilemma what to make for Dinner!!!
Wishing a wonderful wishing....wish there was a Khansama...
[cook ] who would take my order.and concoct me something healthy and tasty.hmm back home.
Almost there....painting is almost done except for the border... love the way it is turning out! also wishing ...I could order Club sandwich from Karachi.
still remembering good old days back home....
My Palette of Gold!!!
Voila!!!! Finally is done!my nephew wanted it without frame  because it would be easy to carry... dimension 36x36 with 1-in.
Still the dilemma what to cook is still on my mind...
What do I have?
Well my car tires is flat..thanks to my last born Samia's wonderful driving skills! So I can not go shopping....
I have eggs...left-over kabab...can of cholay hmmmm ...and images of recent Persian  recipes...which I saw on T.V, still floating somewhere in the back of my wonderful world call 'MIND'.

Now...I am falling in Love with this Art work...and do not want to part with it, so I am going to tell my nephew that he can give something else from Costco or somewhere else ...but No!!!!
that is Wada Khilaaf-ing
[in other word not keeping your words]
Aur phir hisaab kitaab dena hai!

Okay okay...  I will call him tomorrow.

My nephew knows me very well he came in the evening ...with the bahana[escuse] that he wanted to look at my FLAT TIRES!!!

For they have been flat for a very long while.

Well he came in and saw the painting and took it home...
He loved it! since he is very generous with his tareefing [praising] so he is always my studio. 
Tareef-ing part is not true although... once in a while little bit  sprinkling of genuine 'Wah Wah''s you cope with the daily life blues..

Anyway he is one smart guy before I could change my mind he took it with him..and sent me these images of his family room...
Telling me that  he has a change of mind...he likes to keep it for his own room for it matches his brown leather  sofa.... brown cushion his brown eyes.....and everything else.hmmmmm!

 Alhamdu lill laah it came out very well!!.

Still don't know ...will it make it to golden California!!!...for I told him to relax and think calmly last night....when he sent me all these images.

What about dinner....well I made 'Egg with Gravy' which I named it 'Persian'
'Tukhum Murg e Istafada e Mashruh e Musawir'
Meaning...Egg Gravy - Artist
Isn't that cool! instead of saying boring 'Anday ka salan'
[Egg Gravy]
That is why I love Persian language it is so very sweeeeeet!
It even transformed my boring cooking into exotic..
Please check out my post what I concocted  while doing this Art work with few eggs left over kofta's
can of cholay [Garnbanzo beans] coconut milk ...substitute for yogurt and good old Masala's Mix..

Also check see if the Art work was delivered to its Original Owner!
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