The Noble Cloak...

Qaseedah Burdah Shareef
The following lines of Arabic poetry are excerpts from the
famous Burdah Shareef [The Noble Cloak] which is the world
renowned masterpiece of the great Egyptian scholar and Sufi
Saint of the 13th century CE, Imaam Sharafuddin Muhammad Al-Busiri
[Rahmatullahi Alaieh]
The Cloak refers to the Cloak of the Holy Prophet Muhammad
[Sallal Laahu 'Alaiehi Wa Sallam]
which he placed on the paralyzed body of Imaam
Busiri in a dream as a result of which he was cured. This
Poem in praise of the Holy Prophet 
[Sallal Laahu 'Alaiehi Wa Sallam] 
is therefore almost 800 years old.
This poem is a masterpiece of Arabic literature and contains 10 sections and a total of a 160 verses. The chorus,
'Mawla Ya Salli Wa Sallim Da`Iman Abadan Ala Habibika Khayrin Khalqi Kullihimi'
[O Lord send peace and blessings for eternity Upon Your Beloved the Best of all Creation]
is sung everywhere in the Muslim world where traditional Sunni muslims are present from Morocco to Malaysia. It has been translated into every language of the Muslim world and also into many European languages.
It has the following 10 sections:
Love for Rasulullaah [Sallallahu `Alaeihi wa Sallam]
A warning against the desires of the nafs [ego]
Praise of the beloved Prophet [Sallallahu `Alaihi wa Sallam]
Events occuring on his birth
His miracles
Praise of the Glorious Qur`aan
The 'Isra' and 'Mi`raj' of the noble Prophet [Sallallahu `Alaihi wa Sallam]
His battles repentances, asking forgiveness of Allaah [Sub`hanahu wa Ta`ala] and seeking intercession of the beloved Prophet [Sallallahu `Alaihi wa Sallam]
Supplication to Allaah [Sub`hanahu wa Ta`ala]
Each verse ends in the Arabic letter Meem and the poem is also known thus as a 'meemiya'.

Maula Ya Salli Wa Sallim Daa`Iman Abadan

‘Aala Habeebi Ka Khayril Khalqi Kullihimi

My Master, send blessings and peace forever and eternally

Upon Your Beloved , The Best of all creation

Muhammadun Sayyidul Kawnayni Wath Thaqalayn

Wal Fareeqayni Min ‘Urbyun Wa Min ‘Ajami

Muhammad [Sallal Laahu 'Alaiehi Wa Sallam] is the Master of the two worlds

(Present & Hereafter) & the two beings (humans & Jinn)

And of the two groups: Arabs and non-Arabs

Huwal Habeeb Ulladhi Turja Shafaa’atuhuhu

Li Kulli Hawlim Minal Ahwaali Muqtahimi

He is the Beloved whose intercession one hopes for
From every form of distress that one falls into
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